When choosing industrial equipment, economic factors are not the least to consider. The primary economic factors are:
- Initial investment
- Operating costs (power consumption, maintenance)
- Quality approved product shipped

A key element for producing high quality, durable laminated safety glass is even distribution of temperature throughout the furnace. Uniformity of laminated safety glass can only be achieved by uniform temperature during production.

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The smart glass technology of variable transparencies gives the possibility to change the state of "SMART" glass from opaque to transparent (with one press of remote or button).

The base of this technology – variable transparency film with internal liquid crystalline (LC) layer.

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Glass — is one of the most popular materials in modern architecture, design and art.

Lamination gives the possibility to bring to life any dream of the engineer, designer or photographer.

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Usage of glass panels for wall facing, as well as interior objects decoration is modern solution of premises decoration.

Wide possibilities of processing, ease of operation and simplicity of installation – are only few advantages of such solution. Flashings and shades, play of light and shadow at the glass surface liven the space and provide interior with inimitable style.

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Not long ago one could see the glass dorrs only in large supermarkets and airports. Today, the glass doors may be found in apartments and offices more and more often.

Glass — environmentally-friendly and durable material, it is perfectly suitable for usage at home. Glass interior doors – they are pleasant to look at and to touch. These doors withstand sharp temperature drops and high humidity, preserving perfect appearance.

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Why have glass stairs recently become so popular? Is it possible to use such fragile materials of stairs? How to develop perfect solution? Too many questions arise when you see these lightsome structures made of glass.

Stairs, from a traditional point of view, may be made only of highly durable, massive materials: concrete, metal, wood or their combination. Therefore, glass usage at stairs construction is the most original technical and aesthetic solution for the moment.

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If you want to make the building original and provide additional protection in entrance area – glass canopies are the solution. Glass canopies have special effect in combination with other glass elements, for example, glass door or glass entrance room.

For glass canopies there are usually selected high-strength glass and stainless steel fitting. According to the rules, for canopies there is used the 6-12 mm thick heat-strengthened glass, combined with other materials – Triplex. Such materials alloy makes the entrance structure very rigid and light. As there are used various colours and films at Triplex production, the glass canopies may be of various colours and texture.

Due to its specification, glass canopy made of laminated glass, withstands high loads of snow and wind, as well as has stable and high anticorrosion properties.

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Modern basins continue to be the sign of comfort, pay a tribute to urbanized megalopolis along with its freeing.

The main characteristic of basin design and construction – increased air humidity. Laminated glass in interior decoration means durability, safety and prestige.

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Winter gardens, greenhouses, glasshouses, orchard houses, terraces and arbours – are with the current techniques in year-round use. Similar to other structures they may be of various shapes, structures and colours.

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The company LamiFlex delivers and installs the equipment in any part of the world.

Installation of the designed line, its adjustment and commissioning is separate interesting work. We offer to review brief portfolio of current orders performance by our experts.

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Due to their structural peculiarities, the LF series convectional furnaces give the possibility to produce all the types of manifold laminated glass, both from flat and shaped blanks of almost any size.

LF 6000.4

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Due to their structural peculiarities, the LF series convectional furnaces give the possibility to produce all the types of manifold laminated glass, both from flat and shaped blanks of almost any size. It uses technology Air Flow.

LF 4500.2

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LF 1500

Universal and compact model of the furnace for laminating glass in small volumes

LF 3000

Multi-tiered furnace, intended for high power production complement

LF 4500

Four-level furnace intended for high power production complement

LF 6000

Semi-automatic line of increased power for manifold glass production