When choosing industrial equipment, economic factors are not the least to consider. The primary economic factors are:
- Initial investment
- Operating costs (power consumption, maintenance)
- Quality approved product shipped

A key element for producing high quality, durable laminated safety glass is even distribution of temperature throughout the furnace. Uniformity of laminated safety glass can only be achieved by uniform temperature during production.

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The system for creation and maintenance of the LF series furnace vacuum provides usage of any other technological equipment, except included into the set, made of medicine and cosmetology grade elastomer – versatile vacuum cover.


Temperature resistant silicone cover is intended for usage in convectional furnaces of the LF series for production of safe Troplex glass. At production of unit “glass-film-glass” with the use of EVA and PVB films, silicone membrane is placed at the pallet, under the unit and covers it.

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Teflon mesh has zero adhesion to interlayers and has almost an unlimited service life. In LF series furnaces it is used for optimizing temperature distribution and avoiding the interlayer to stick to the silicone bag.

Teflon mesh is available in rolls with the width up to 3400mm. Prices and availability upon request.

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The company LamiFlex delivers and installs the equipment in any part of the world.

Installation of the designed line, its adjustment and commissioning is separate interesting work. We offer to review brief portfolio of current orders performance by our experts.

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LF 1500.2

Except basic models we manufacture furnaces of any configuration and size, focused on specific customer needs satisfaction.

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LF 1500

Universal and compact model of the furnace for laminating glass in small volumes

LF 3000

Multi-tiered furnace, intended for high power production complement

LF 4500

Four-level furnace intended for high power production complement

LF 6000

Semi-automatic line of increased power for manifold glass production