Glass canopies and marquises made of glass

If you want to make the building original and provide additional protection in entrance area – glass canopies are the solution. Glass canopies have special effect in combination with other glass elements, for example, glass door or glass entrance room.

For glass canopies there are usually selected high-strength glass and stainless steel fitting. According to the rules, for canopies there is used the 6-12 mm thick heat-strengthened glass, combined with other materials – Triplex. Such materials alloy makes the entrance structure very rigid and light. As there are used various colours and films at Triplex production, the glass canopies may be of various colours and texture.

Due to its specification, glass canopy made of laminated glass, withstands high loads of snow and wind, as well as has stable and high anticorrosion properties.

Glass marquises may be used for arbour or open garage.

There are special requirements for outdoor glass structures in respect of durability, reliability and many other parameters, for example, thermal influence of environment.

In general, laminated glass is very rigid and safe material. In fact, this glass may be formed in any shape and made of any colour. Glass canopies may be constructed of solid glass or blocks of any shape. So note that the glass canopies and marquises may be very unique and original.

LF 1500

Universal and compact model of the furnace for laminating glass in small volumes

LF 3000

Multi-tiered furnace, intended for high power production complement

LF 4500

Four-level furnace intended for high power production complement

LF 6000

Semi-automatic line of increased power for manifold glass production