Interior doors and partitions made of laminated glass

Not long ago one could see the glass dorrs only in large supermarkets and airports. Today, the glass doors may be found in apartments and offices more and more often.

Glass — environmentally-friendly and durable material, it is perfectly suitable for usage at home. Glass interior doors – they are pleasant to look at and to touch. These doors withstand sharp temperature drops and high humidity, preserving perfect appearance.

Glass doors and partitions not only divide the space, they visually increase it total area and compensate lack of illumination.

Decorative glass may be easily fit to any interior style and become one of its main details.

Don’t be afraid of apparent fragility – rigidity of such structures is worth of trust and respect.


LF 1500

Universal and compact model of the furnace for laminating glass in small volumes

LF 3000

Multi-tiered furnace, intended for high power production complement

LF 4500

Four-level furnace intended for high power production complement

LF 6000

Semi-automatic line of increased power for manifold glass production