Laminated glass with the help of vacuum forming method

Laminated glass – is two or more glass sheets bonded together with the help of a special polymer composition.

Such glass is also called protective as in most cases it is used at glazing of objects with special requirements for safety. The main peculiarity of the Triplex is its incredible mechanical strength and impact resistance. Even in case of destruction of the laminated structure, the glasses do not fly apart, but stay bonded to the film. This reduces any possibility of injuries to minimum.

Laminated glass production includes two main stages – preparation of future laminate unit for baking and the process of baking till the finished product state.

Unit preparation for lamination includes the following stages:

•    cleaning and degreasing of glass blanks
•    cutting of the required length film for lamination
•    assembly of unit in the required sequence of glass, film and, if required, decorative or reinforcing inserts
•    fixation of the assembled unit with adhesive tape

At these stages there used different auxiliary equipment. For cutting, there are used film roll holders or automatic cutting tables. At the stage of units assembly, there are used assembly tables: the simplest – roller or with additional appliances – scissor-action elevating tables or pneumatic elevators.

For baking stage it is very important to realize and observe the lamination technology.

With the help of special silicone bag there is created the vacuum space around the bag for lamination. In this vacuum space there is completely removed from all the layer of the unit for lamination the air and is generated atmosphere pressure with force up to 10 tons per m².

Then, the blank is subject to heating according to special program, baking and cooling.

At the baking stage everything is performed by the furnace. The main thing is to select vacuum lamination furnace correctly. In addition to its performance (number of glass m² that may be laminated during one baking cycle), there the range of important indices that make the furnace really reliable, safe, profitable and easy-to-operate equipment.

The best the furnace, the less rejections! Good furnace ensures high quality of the finished products made of any initial materials: glass, film, decorative and electronic inserts.

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