Glass stairs, guards and floors

Why have glass stairs recently become so popular? Is it possible to use such fragile materials of stairs? How to develop perfect solution? Too many questions arise when you see these lightsome structures made of glass.

Stairs, from a traditional point of view, may be made only of highly durable, massive materials: concrete, metal, wood or their combination. Therefore, glass usage at stairs construction is the most original technical and aesthetic solution for the moment.

Glass stairs attract designers with their elegance, litheness and possibility to obtain any shapes. Glass stairs may highlight interior peculiarities, complement any style and visually increase the space.

Glass stairs look elegantly; they perfectly fit in interior of private house, office, night club, trade center. Notwithstanding apparent litheness and fragility, they are rigid and reliable structures.

Glass stairs may also surprise you with the variety of styles and types of structures. Taking into consideration the house lay-out and customer wishes there may be installed:
-    flight stairs;
-    winding stairs;
-    combined stairs.

Glass stairs for your house may be of any original shape and will give you the harmony of glass, light and sophisticated shapes. For the most creative ideas there are various decorative solutions. They include mosaic made of colour glass and full-colour printing at glass, application of sand blowing, as well as many other decoration elements that will surprise you with quality-to-price ratio.

Glass stairs not only inspire wonder, but also raise fears, say the least. However, there is no secret here. Due to modern technologies it is possible to obtain very rigid, durable compositions that freely transmits the light.

Stairs, as well as guards made of Triplex glass. Triplex — manifold structure: two or more glass plates bound with polymer film at high pressure with the help of melting. There may be attached additional properties: sound absorption, colour, glassiness.


Glass floors look very elegant.

Decorative elements and illumination may make you floor the piece of art.